Annual Party
It’s been an incredibly successful year for us; we exceeded all of our targets and experienced incredible growth. We celebrated a great year with the whole team at the CN tower. We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2016!
New Head Office
As of March 30th, 2015, World Wide Logistics has moved to its new Head Office at 105 Claireport Crescent in Toronto. Our new location provides a larger workspace for our staff and allowed us to double the size of our team. We are now able to work more efficiently to provide better service to our customers. In addition to moving, we took this opportunity to rebrand and enhance our image. We have now adopted a new logo and have customized the office to reflect our business. Below are a few pictures of our new office.
Career Fair 2015
On March 7th, 2015, World Wide Logistics held a large corporate career fair. The event allowed us to add more members to our team in anticipation of the new and bigger office. There was a huge turnout and we met many promising candidates. We were very excited to invite our new team members to help grow World Wide Logistics.